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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

COFFEESHOP provides a wide range of professional sounds for creating perfectly convincing and realistic coffeeshop foley in high-end quality. In addition to a broad and solid foundation of a huge variety on foley recordings, we focused on credible sound design that is full of detail and at the same time leave enough room to place further designing in the foreground. Ranging from sugar pourer, coffee-sack, chocolate bar, serviette over to hand coffee-grinder and an industry coffee roaster.

More than 250 individually sounds are ready for personal layering, music design or for your next featured film via drag and drop! Most sounds are normalized at -23 LUFS and -2db peak.

This library was recorded in the coffeeshop 'Torrefazione' - berlin and in a professional studio with gear such as:

Zoom F4 field recorder

Zoom XYH-5 stereo microphone

Rode NTG4+

Rode Blimp

Electrovoice RE20


Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

Feel free to take a look on the coffeeshop itself and the recording environment:

Number of Files: 252

Quality: Wave 192kHz / 24bit , Wave 48kHz / 24bit ; 320kbps MP3

Channels: Mono ; Stereo

Total Size Unpacked: 4,11GB

Tracklist: PDF

Price: $50

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