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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

It's a big part of every sound designer to record different sounds in the field. And therefore you have to be ready to capture every type of scenario such as animals, cars, cloth movement and much more. In order to give you an insight into the process, we want to show you our equipment and approach on how to create a sound library.​

Field Recording And Foley:

We do have several recorders, ranging from hand held devices to multichannel recorders and audio interfaces. For recording out in the field we do use the Zoom H6, Zoom F8 and Sounddevices Mixpre-3 which is a bit more compact. With our handheld setup we can record high quality SFX on the fly. The Schoeps CMC54 works perfectly indoors and the rode ntg3 is excellent for exterior shots. As our stereo setup we do use the XY microphones Rode NT4 and the build-in microphones from the Zoom H6 as well as the Schoeps CMC54 and CMC68 as mid side microphones.

Wind Protection:

The Rode Blimp is perfect for the NTG3 shotgun microphone when it is used outdoor, not just for the wind, but also for the handling and cable noise. For the Zoom H6 or the Rode NT4 Stereo microphone we're using the normal windjammer.

When it comes to small diaphragm microphones such as the schoeps CMC54 and CMC68 the Rycote Invision INV-7-HG-Mark III,Soft Grip and the Rycote Baseball + Windjammer or the Schoeps WMS is our choice. The Baseball is most commonly used indoor for microphone and object movements.


We're recording a fair bit of sounds in our studio to get a clean and constant sound. The Schoeps CMC54 and CMC68, Neumann TLM67, TLM102 and U87 with the Tegeler VTRC preamp into the Universal Audio Apollo Twin Audio Interface at a 192kHz sampling rate is our go to setup. With the built-in DSP chip We can process the recorded sound with several UAD plug-ins such as the SPL Transient Designer, Neve 1073 preamp, SSL channel strip and SSL G compressor in real time. The surround sound speaker setup from krk and the genelec stereo setup are combined with the sonarworks calibrated software for a flat and honest monitoring.

Studio Gear:

  • 5.1 - Krk RP5 / Swissonic sub10

  • Genelec 8020

  • SSL SiX

  • RME ADI-8

  • Tegeler VTRC

  • Tegeler Cremé

  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin

  • Steinberg UR28M

  • Sennheiser HD280 Pro

  • Sonarworks calibrated

  • Neumann TLM67

  • Neumann TLM102

  • Neumann KM184

  • Schoeps CMC54

  • Schoeps CMC68

  • Rode NTG3

  • Rode NT4

  • KT-2A Compressor

  • KT-76 Compressor


Editing And Software:

The fast and professional integration of our sounds in your project is our claim. Thats why every sound gets edited with several software applications. Most importantly we use iZotope Rx7 Advanced for EQ'ing, deleting unwanted sounds such as hum or wind, loudness normalization and much more. Next, we'll enhance the sounds with effects like compression, pitch shifting, transient designer and several other effect plugins.


  • Pro Tools 12

  • Cubase 10 Pro

  • Logic Pro X

  • All iZotope Plugins (Rx7 Advanced,Neutron,Ozone and much more)

  • UAD Plugins

  • Altiverb 7

  • Waves Plugins

  • McDSP

  • Ni Maschine (Komplete Bundle)

  • Hofa

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